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22 Inch Long Ombre Blonde Body Wavy Wig with Pink Highlights

22 Inch Long Ombre Blonde Body Wavy Wig with Pink Highlights

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Product Number GALMAO-HIGHLIGHTS-0038
Length 22 Inch
Color Ombre Blonde/Pink Highlights
Material Synthetic
Hair Type Long Body Wavy Wig
Style Non Lace
Use Occasion Wedding, Party, Dating, Music Festival, Cosplay
Special Feature Heat Resistant
Age Young Sister/Women, Girls

Product Features:

  1. Blonde Base with Vibrant Pink Highlights: This wig combines a natural blonde base with bold pink highlights. The playful contrast adds flair and uniqueness to your look. Perfect for anyone who wants to stand out at parties, events, or even daily wear.

  2. Versatile Styling Options: The curly wavy texture allows you to experiment with different styles. Whether you want to rock loose waves, define the curls, or create an elegant updo, this wig adapts effortlessly.

  3. Heat-Resistant Synthetic Fiber: Crafted from high-quality heat-resistant material, this wig withstands styling tools. Feel free to curl, straighten, or add waves to achieve your desired look without compromising its quality.

  4. Comfortable Fit and Adjustable Cap: The wig features an adjustable cap with combs for a secure fit. Whether dancing at a Halloween party or going about your day, this wig stays in place while keeping you comfortable.

Whether for a costume event, a themed party, or want to express your individuality, this 22-inch blonde body wavy wig with pink highlights is turning heads!

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